Tissue Cultured Teak Plants

We offer Tissue Cultured Teak Plants to our clients as per their requirements and specifications.

Teak (Tectona grandis) is one of the most valued timbers of the world.

Its timber qualities include attractiveness in colour and grain, durability, lightness, strength and ease of working and carving, resistance to termite and fungus and weathering.

Name of the Variety Spacing (Feet) Plants in One Acre Production Starts Price per plant One year Yielding Income per Tree
Royal Teak 8 X 10 600 10 - 11 Years ₹ 125/- 25 Cu.ft ₹ 62500/-
H1-Veera 9 X 12 450 8 - 9 Years ₹ 225/- 30 Cu.ft ₹ 75000/-
Hi-Tech Super 9 X 12 450 8 - 9 Years ₹ 350/- 30 Cu.ft ₹ 75000/-

This Variety of Trees are large, deciduous trees up to 30mts(98ft) tall with gray to grayish brown branchlets.

This type of teak grows of average rainfall of 1,250-1,650 mm with a 5-7 month dry season.

Harvest can be done with in 10 years.

High resistance to insects & pests.

It is a yellowish brown timber with good grains & texture.

This type of Teak is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish.

Core Competence

# Tissue Culture-Forestry Species
. Timber Yielding trees :
1 AG Biotech stands Unique in the country, which identifies, develops protocols & produces tissue culture tropical hard wood species,including Teak(Tectona grandis).
2 World's first Teak Tissue culture plants were raised in India & AG Biotech was part of it.
3 AG Biotech is only commercial lab in the country producing Tissue culture teak plants since 20 years.
4 Rainfall requirement: Minimum 50cm per annum, areas prone to heavy rainfall must have proper water draining facility.
5 Space required for each tree: - 64 square feet (8 x 8).
6 An investment which yields returns higher than any Insurance Policy, Bank Interest, Stock Markets.

Why Tissue Culture Raised Teak-Gold plus?

Plants raised from the superior mother plant.

Genetically uniform plants.

Disease free planting material.

Uniform growth and development.

Harvesting can be done at the same time.

Teak-Tectona Grandis

1 Teak(Tectona Grandis) is a genus of Tropical Hard wood trees in the family Verbinaceae, native to the south & southeast of Asia.
2 They are large trees, growing to 30-40mtr's tall, deciduous in the dry season.
3 Teak Timber qualities include attractiveness in color & grain, durability,lightness with strength,ease of seasoning without splitting & cracking, ease of working & carving, resistance to termite, fungus & weathering.

Mother Plant selection

# Tissue Culture process
1 Tissue Culture is the modern plant Bio-technology that is applied for mass production of superior planting material.
2 Tissue Culture technology be utilized as a means to produce uniform desirable planting material on a large scale in Teak.
a. Selection of Mother Plants/Clones
3 AG Bio-tech is successful in identifying the "plus Trees" with desirable characters in all major growing states & developed the Tissue culture techniques for multiplication with clone marking.
4 All Type's of soil without water logging is suitable for cultivating Teak.
Projections (in INR)

Land required: 30 acre@6 lakh per acre=1,80,00,000.

1st year Establishment cost = 3,24,225.

Yearly maintenance: 4lakh x 12 years = 48,00,000.

Security: 6th to 12 year = 10crore

Total cash out flow = 13crore.

Estimated Revenue: 101crore.

30acre x 450trees x 30 Cu.ft x Rs.2500 = 101crore.

Yield Statistics

  • 10 Years 168 Times
  • 15 Years 588 Times
  • 20 Years 966 Times
The Growth Comparison of Teak Raised by Tissue Culture and Conventional Methods
Years Growth Parameter TEAK Tissue Culture Raised Teak
5 Height(in Mtr's) 4-5 6-7
- Girth (in cm's) 15-20 25-30
10 Height(in Mtr's) 7-8 9-11
- Diameter (in cm's) 30-35 40-45

Advantages - AG Bio-tech Tissue culture Teak

  1. Left Image: Tissue Culture plants come with well established root system,grows straight,less branching.
  2. Tissue Culture plants developed from single stem tissues,isolated from known,established plus trees,with all desirable characters,.
  3. Hence Yielding is at expected levels.
  4. Thinning is not required.

Mode of Application/Agronomy

  1. Soil : All types of soil without water logging is suitable for cultivating Teaks.
  2. Climate : The optimum range of temperature is 28 degree C to 30 degree C. Dry weather after monsoon.
  3. Variety : Local
  4. Season Of Planting : Preferable in July to September. However, can be planted anytime except very high and low temperature.
  5. Spacing : The planting distance for monoculture system is 2m x 2m, while for inter-cropping, it is 3m x 6m
  6. Days to flowering : 90 days to 110 days.
  7. Harvesting : Tissue cultured raised plants which, are able to be harvested quicker (15 to 20 years) with the acceptable wood quality at national and international markets.
  8. Yield : At the best we may expect a tree to produce a maximum of 238 m3 of timber from 350 trees in 15 years under best conditions of intensive management.