Orange Fruits

# Details
1 Mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata) is most common among citrus fruits.
2 Orange is rich in vitamin C, A, B and phosphorus and main source of peel oil,citric acid and cosmetics.
3 Orange is consumed fresh or in the form of juice, jam, squash and syrup.
4 Orange trees need fast-draining, moist soil and a nitrogen fertilizer to promote growth, along with warm temperatures to produce their juicy fruit.
5 Rainfall requirement: An annual rainfall of 100-120 cm. and temperature ranging from 100-350 C is suitable for cultivation of the crop.
6 These are flourished well in light soils with good drainage, deep soils with a pH range in 5.5 to 7.5. Early to mid-spring is the perfect time for citrus planting.
7 Commercial orchards produce an average of 9.5 tonnes per hectare each year.
Projections Per Acre(in INR)

Plants per acre: 1,210

1st year Expenses: 1,210 x 550 = 6,65,500/-. First year Land establishment cost: 1,75,000. And Maintenance Cost: 50,000.

Yearly maintenance: 3,56,200 x 4 years = 14,24,800/-

Total cash out flow = 23,15,300/-

Income can start in 4th year but full yield will be in 10th year.

Estimated Revenue: 30,85,50,000/-

from 4th year to 10th year which is 13326 times

Prices as per 2019-20 FY

Yield Statistics

  • 4 Years 1175 imes
  • 6 Years 1959 Times
  • 10 Years 6271 Times
Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost for 1,210 seedlings = (1,210x Rs.550) = 6,65,500/- Rupees

Trees will start fruit after a period of 4 years:

Age (Years) Yield (Fruits) REVENUE Income (INR)
4 150 nos. 150 2,72,25,000/-
6 250 nos. 150 4,53,75,000/-
8 500 nos. 150 9,07,50,000/-
10 800 nos. 150 14,52,00,000/-

Areas of Plantation

  1. Commercial Orchards.
  2. The sight of dark green foliage.
  3. Plant mandarin orange trees in a site that gets full sun or partial shade with sandy, well-drained soil with a neutral pH level.

Few Considerations

  1. Initial maintenance is required for 3 to 4 years.
  2. High humidity and frost are extremely dangerous for the plants.
  3. Pre-conditioning orange trees to cold weather and the growing location both play a role in cold tolerance.
  4. Return is expected from 4 years.

Positive Confirmations

  1. Oranges are good source of vitamin ‘C’,and contains 86% of water.
  2. These are promote healthy body tissues and also good for bone and teeth health.
  3. This fruit is rich in vitamins like C, A, B and phosphorus and help in fighting against infections.
  4. Oranges are main source of peel oil, citric acid and cosmetics.