# Details
1 Jackfruit is one of the most remunerative and Important fruits of India, It belongs to the family Moraceae.
2 Soil drainage is of great importance to jack fruit.
3 Firm Flesh: The rind does not yield to the thrust of finger easily. The pulp is firm and crispy. The taste is variable in degree of sweetness.
4 Proper Jackfruit plantation requires rich and well drained sandy loam soil.
5 The annual rainfall should be 1500 mm or more and the dry season not too prominent.deep, well-drained, alluvial, sandy or clay loam soils with pH 6.0-7.5.
6 For young orchards, hand watering is necessary during first two to three year.
7 It's requirements are not known, but frequent,weak solutions of all-purpose fertilizer will speed the plant's growth without causing burn.
Projections Per Acre(in INR)

Plants per acre: 303

1st year Expenses: 303 x 500 = 1,51,500/- First year Land establishment cost: 1,75,000. And Maintenance Cost: 50,000.

Yearly maintenance: 1,50,600 x 4 years = 6,02,400/-

Total cash out flow = 9,78,900/-

Income can start in 4th year but full yield will be in 8th year.

Estimated Revenue: 5,90,850/-

from 4th year to 8th year which is 157 times

Prices as per 2019-20 FY

Yield Statistics

  • 4 Years 4 Times
  • 6 Years 9 Times
  • 8 Years 27 Times
Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost for 303 seedlings = (303 x Rs.500) = 1,51,500/-Rupees

Trees will start fruit after a period of 4 years:

Age (Years) Yield (Kgs) REVENUE Income (INR)
4 5Kgs 30Rs. 45,450/-
6 10Kgs 30Rs. 90,900/-
7 20Kgs 30Rs. 1,81,800/-
8 30Kgs 30Rs. 2,72,700/-

Areas of Plantation

  1. Areas near the river beds are ideally suitable for its cultivation.
  2. Warm humid plains are suitable for jack fruit cultivation and it flourishes in humid hill slopes up to an elevation of 1,500 meters.
  3. Planting on top of an old compost heap would be ideal.

Few Considerations

  1. Cold weather and frost are harmful to its cultivation.
  2. Hot desiccating winds in summer also adversely affect the growth of trees.
  3. These trees starts fruiting within 2-4 years after planting under favorable conditions.

Positive Confirmations

  1. Jackfruits are use both for culinary purpose and as table fruit but it is mainly use for culinary purpose.
  2. This is also use to prepare some special dishes.
  3. The pulp is also used to flavour ice-cream and beverages, or made into jackfruit honey, or reduced to a concentrate or powder and used for preparing drinks.
  4. The bark contains ca 3.3% tannin, and is occasionally used in making cordage or cloth.