Amla Fruits

# Details
1 Amla is an important crop in Ayurveda. 100 gm of amla contains: 96 Calories, 1.2 gm Iron, 0.9 gm Protein, 0.1 gm Fat, 3.4 gm Fiber. So Amla is considered a powerful food for the brain.
2 Fruits have the richest source of vitamin-C (700 mg per 100 g of fruits).
3 Aonla is a very nutritious fruit; fresh consumption is limited by its astringent taste.
4 The mature plants can tolerate freezing temperature as well as a high temperature up to 46 deg. C.
5 Rainfall requirement:Annual rainfall of 630-800 mm is ideal for its growth.
6 Amla is not exacting in its soil requirement and grows well in sandy loam to clay soils, it is well adopted to dry regions and cn alo be grown in moderate alkaline soils.
7 A mature tree of 10 years old will yield 50-70 kg of fruit, a well maintain tree yields up to an age of 70 years.
Projections Per Acre(in INR)

Plants per acre: 109

1st year Expenses: 2,152 x 250 = 5,38,000/-. First year Land establishment cost: 1,75,000. And Maintenance Cost: 50,000.

Yearly maintenance: 5,38,000 x 2 years = 610400/-.

Total cash out flow =13,73,400/-.

Income can start in 2nd year but full yield will be in 10th year.

Estimated Revenue: 86,00,80,000/-

from 2nd year to 10th year which is 6267 times

Prices as per 2019-20 FY

Yield Statistics

  • 2 Years 940 Times
  • 6 Years 1253 Times
  • 10 Years 21933 Times
Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost for 2,152 seedlings = (2,152 x Rs.250) = 5,38,000/-. Rupees

Trees will start fruit after a period of 2 years:

Age (Years) Yield (Kgs) REVENUE Income (INR)
2 30Kg 200Rs. 1,29,12,000/-.
6 40Kgs 200Rs. 1,72,16,000/-.
8 60Kgs 200Rs. 2,58,24,000/-
10 70Kgs 200Rs. 3,01,28,000/-

Areas of Plantation

  1. Commercial Orchards.
  2. Amla Farming good profitable in dry area.
  3. Drip irrigation yield better results. Each pit should be filled with surface soil mixed with 15 kg farm yard manure and 0.5 kg of phosphorus before planting the grafted seedlings.

Few Considerations

  1. Initial maintenance is required for 2 years.
  2. Amla farming is a long life low maintain farming.
  3. The expenses on pesticides and other farming procedures is must.
  4. Return is expected from 2 years.

Positive Confirmations

  1. Vitamin C is an excellent anti-Oxidant and as amla is so rich in vitamin C, it has string anti- Oxidant properties and helps combat free radicals.
  2. They are good in export value.
  3. It has good demand from the industries for the preparation of various health care products also like hair oil, dye, Shampoo, Face creams and Tooth Powder.