National AG Biotech produce & distribute high quality seedlings.

We Supply Hybrid Plants, Clones, Cloned plants, Cloned Saplings, wood plants, fruit plants, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, Indoor and out door plants, Landscape designing, revenue plants and R&D in plant production Our seedlings are hybridized with state of art technology to with stand changing climatic conditions.

NAB committed to development of high quality seedling varieties with better yield, disease resistance and adaptability to various agro climatic conditions. We ensure desired quality in all the seedlings , uniquely qualified to meet these needs of our customers in the different ways that create ongoing good relationship. we can't accomplish them alone. Customer's relationship is an investment in the long-term success of our company.

we are nature lovers and doing business to protect nature and making the environment green, we are living in a pollution world, That's way greenery is must and should. Our wish is to make greenery as much as possible.

Plants Supply

We supply cloned plants for commercial purpose, which are wood plants, Orchard Plants, Garden Plants, Medicinal Plants etc. As our plants are grown up to 1 to 3 years, the investment of time and money will be saved.

R & D

We have R&D Labs and our Scientists are thriving hard for giving you the best acclimatized plants according to your needs.

Technology Assistance

We provide you with state of art technology assistance and we provide interactive sessions with our agricultural scientist in support of your growth.

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